Developing Hanoverian Athletes in the Mind & the Body®

International quality Hanoverian sport horses produced & trained in the southern Appalachian mountains
High Valley Hanoverians is passionate about producing Hanoverian horses with exceptional conformation, athleticism and temperament.  All of our Hanoverian mares are Elite / SPS mares with exceptional athletic and temperament characteristics in their own right.  These mares are matched with exceptional dressage stallions to produce the next generation of quality dressage horses   

Beyond the passion for exceptional Hanoverian breeding, High Valley Hanoverians is similarly passionate about Young Horse development via our unique methodology "Developing Hanoverian Athletes in the Mind & the Body®" in such a way that will delight professionals and suitable for Adult Amateur or Young Riders. 
High Valley Hanoverians proudly offers a number of exceptional Hanoverian horses for sale as well as a few quality warmbloods in our training & consignment program.   Our Hanoverian inventory includes in-Utero, very young horses, horses under saddle and select brood mares.

High Valley Hanoverians is known for "Developing Hanoverian Ahtletes in the Mind & the Body"® which results in young horses who are fit with exceptional temperament and are truly happy in their work.